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EXAR RB58 Carbon Wheel Set

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EXAR RB58 Carbon Wheel Set by Magene

Integral Design, No Sub-assemblies

Instead of being a combination of components and sub-assemblies, EXAR carbon fiber wheel-sets are quality and high-performing products featuring an integral design of appearance, weight, and performance.

Light-Weight and High-performance

EXAR wheel-sets are 50g to 100g lighter than most other products of the same rim deep; The lightweight design effectively reduces driving weight and improves sprint performance.

Wider for Better Aerodynamics

EXAR wheel-set series have an outer width of 27 mm and an inner width of 20 mm, which are wider than most of the existing wheel-set products. They are perfectly compatible with dominant 25c tires, shaping a smoother aerodynamic surface and reducing air resistance. With a wider 28c tire installed, the 27-mm rim of the EXAR wheel-set has an aerodynamic plane nearly 1 mm lower than that of a regular 25-mm rim and minimizes the aerodynamic loss. (25c forms a completely flat surface with the rim, while 28c forms an almost-flat surface with only a 1 mm difference)

Uncompromising Stiffness

To improve the wheel-set stability, stiffness, and crosswind resistance of the different frame heights, targeted wheel rim designs were made. For the 58-mm deep rim brake rear wheel, a non-eccentric structure is adapted to prevent deflection due to uneven airflow.

Well-designed Hub Structure

  • The rear-wheel hub WR size is increased to ensure the spoke tension on the driving side is consistent with that on the non-driving side, hence delivering outstanding lateral stiffness. The rear-wheel hub WR size disc brake variant is 18.1 mm.
  • Light and robust hub design optimized on the basis of FEA (finite element analysis) of hub stress.
  • To obtain a better balance of lateral stiffness, driving stiffness and braking effect, the front and rear spokes of the disc brake variants have applied a 2:7 balanced lacing pattern, and the hub geometry has been adjusted accordingly.
  • The rear-wheel-drive side flange diameter is increased and the spoke support angle is optimized so that the spoke direction is aligned with the torque direction and the wheel-set driving efficiency is improved.

Lacing Pattern

  • For the rear wheel of the rim brake variant and the front/rear wheels of the disc brake variant, The 2:1 balanced lacing pattern is applied to reasonably distribute spoke intension and enhance the pedaling force.
  • For most wheelset models, the spoke tension is set to 130 kgf ‡ 5%. For the rim brake variant with a 58-mm frame height, the rear wheel non-driving side spoke tension is 120 kgf ‡ 5%; All the spoke tension is set in the optimal spoke tension ranging from 120 kgf to 140 kgf.


EXAR wheels can work with tubeless tires or clincher tires. Tubeless rim tape has been attached at the factory so that tubeless tires can be installed directly.

Fast and stable

NBK high-precision steel bearings from Japan contribute to both lubrication and stability.



  • Item Name: EXAR Carbon Wheel
  • Model: RB58
  • Rim Height: 58mm
  • Weight: 1610g
  • Rim Outer Width: 27mm
  • Rim Inner Width: 20mm
  • Rim material: T700
  • Brake: Rim Brake
  • Front-wheel spoke: 100kgf±5%
  • Rear-wheel spoke tension: Driving side,100kgf±5%, Non-Driving Side 120kgf±5%
  • Front Spoke knitting method: 16 hole straight pull
  • Rear Spoke knitting method: 21 holes 2:1, driving side*2, non-driving side straight
  • Spoke specification: 2.2mm*1.2mm; 4.6g/PC
  • Rim Structure: Non Eccentric Rims
  • Opening Size: 100/130mm Quick Release
  • Cassette Body: Standard equipped with Shimano 11 speed (CP/XDR cassette body – not included)
  • Compatible Cassette: Shimano 8-11 speed, SRAM 8-12 Speed (for 12speed XDR cassette body), Campagnolo 8-12 speed (CP cassette body), Sensah 8-11 speed (12 speed can assist disc brake, not rim brake) – not included
  • Compatible Frame: 130mm Quick Release Rim Brake, 142mm Thru Alex Disc Brake, 135mm Quick Release Disc Brake (Need to buy the adapter separately)
  • Contents in Box: A pair of carbon wheels(equipped with tire cushions), Instruction manual, a pair of quick release, a set of braking blocks for carbon wheels, 10 speed wheel gasket

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