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Magene T600 Smart Bike Trainer

Magene T600 Smart Bike Trainer

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Magene T600 Smart Trainer is born for professionalism. As Magene's first self-powered bike trainer, the T600 boasts a wide range of features and incorporates the strengths found in other premium products. It sets a new benchmark for advanced smart bike trainers.

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Developed in-house, our permanent magnet synchronous motor enables precise control adjustments. With subsequent firmware updates, the motor will be continuously adjusted to match the needs of cyclists, delivering a highly authentic road feel.

±1% Power Accuracy

*HC-Power, Trustworthy Precision Engineering
To avoid mechanical losses, we abandoned the traditional belt drive. With the implementation of 52 magnetic steels and 48 coil motors, coupled with our advanced FOC (Field Oriented Control) technology, this design delivers exceptional torque and speed control, ensuring precise power accuracy.

*HC-Power, an patented invention by Magene, refers to a permanent magnet synchronous motor, FOC, Three MCUs, and comprehensive system protection (including thermal, over-torque, over-power, and high-speed protections).

High Precision Testing Bench Accuracy Down to the Last Pedal
Magene’s high precision algorithms, combined with our precise testing bench and multi-tiered verification, ensure you capture the exact essence of every pedal stroke.

9 Type of Road Surface Simulation, Indoors as Outdoors

The T600 Smart Bike Trainer features road surface simulation*. With over 1000 algorithm controls executed per second, it delivers an immersive cycling experience by simulating the road surface of concrete plates, cattle grids, hard cobblestones, soft cobblestones, brick roads, off road (compact dirt), gravel, ice and wooden boards.

*The feature will be available with an update to Onelap App in the first half of 2024. For an enhanced ecperience, it is recommended to use the trainer while it's plugged in.

Race Mode, Be 10 times Faster

Traditional wireless communication, limited to 1Hz per second, often fails to capture the nuances of power changes during rapid sprints. But with Race Mode, you'll experience data transmission rates soaring to an impressive 10Hz per second. This ensures your software captures and responds to every subtle change in your effort, taking your sprints to unparalleled levels.

*Note: Use Magene Utility App with either an Ethernet or Wi-Fi to start Race Mode.

4 Ways to Connect, Unlock More Training Possibilities

In addition to BLE FTMS and ANT+ FE-C, the trainer enriches your connectivity choices with Ethernet and Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz). These four diverse connection options enable you to effortlessly pair with a variety of mainstream devices and apps. Enjoy robust anti-interference and stable connections as you engage with your favorite training software.

3-Channel Bluetooth, Master Your Data Distribution

With its three-channel Bluetooth, the T600 Smart Bike Trainer allows you to connect up to 3 devices at the same time such as your smartphone, tablet, and other devices. You can control your trainer via TrainerRoad on your phone while simultaneously uploading power data to Zwift on your tablet, catering to your specific needs for distributed data storage and control.

Innovative Technique of Integrated Die-Casting

Magene brings automotive die-casting technology to bike trainer manufacturing, enhancing structural strength while maintaining a slim design for the bike trainer.

Your Professional and Efficient Training Assistant

Experience HC-Level Climbing Indoors

Through HC-Power and Double Turbine Cooling System (D-turbine)*, we've significantly improved the high-torque control performance, meeting your long-distance climbing training needs.

Dowhill Siimulation Merging Intensity with Ease in Training

With its precise algorithms, you can enjoy downhill relaxation. Indoor cycling is not just about breaking a sweat, but also brings a soothing leisure experience.

Self-Power, Turn Pedals Into Power, Train Anywhere

With its permanent magnet synchronous motor, the T600 Smart Bike Trainer converts pedaling energy to electrical power, freeing you from external power sources for hassle-free warm-ups before races.

Heart Rate Monitor Bridge, Break Free From Connectivity Limits

The T600 Smart Bike Trainer can be used as a Bluetooth bridge for your heart rate monitor. If you have a monitor that only supports ANT+ and cannot connect to your smartphone or tablet, the bike trainer can bridge these monitors to your Bluetooth-enabled devices, making devices like the Garmin HRM4-RUN and HRM4-TRI more versatile than ever. And Apple TV users will find this feature particularly beneficial as the T600 Smart Bike Trainer frees up a Bluetooth slot, breaking Apple TV's 2-Bluetooth-device limit.

More User-Oriented Design

<56 DB Silent Design: The integrated design minimizes internal space and reduces vibration noise. Moreover, the T600 operates without a belt drive, resulting in enhanced quietness.

Easy to Carry: Foldable legs and a large handle make it easy to move around.

Eco-Friendly: The integrated die-casting technique significantly reduces carbon emissions across the entire process. Your choice will contribute to environmental protection for our planet.

Complete Set for Immediate Use: front wheel riser, 4mm bike trainer mat , 11-28T cassette, Bluetooth adapter, and thru-axle adapter.

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