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ThinkRider Power Fitting Bike

ThinkRider Power Fitting Bike

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The power fitting bike is a specially designed indoor fitness equipment that combines indoor cycling and power measurement technology to provide accurate power output and training data. It is equipped with a riding seat, wheels and resistance system, power measuring device, adjustment device, etc., designed to provide an efficient, precise and personalized indoor cycling training experience.

Slope Adjustment

The smart fitting bike has 12 speed. The maximum gear ratio is 4.8 and the minimum gear ratio is 0.95. The change in gear ratio is 0.35 per shift.

Auto slope mode ⸺ Bottom button switch to the left

  • Slope control: Slope auto changes according to the software (The bike needs to be connected to software that supports the FEC protocol).
  • Shift control: Short press to shift one gear; long press to shift quickly, changing 4 gears per second.

Manual slope mode ⸺ Buttom button switch to the right

  • Slope control: long press button for stepless adjustment on slopes.
  • Shift control: short press button to change gears.

Shifter pairing method

The shifter and bike have been bound when produced, and they will be automatically connected after the boot, usually no need to re-pair. If you need to re-pair, after the bike is plugged in, long press the up and down buttons simultaneously on the shifter for 3 seconds to enter the pairing mode, the blue light will blink slowly when searching, and the blue light will blink twice quickly after the pairing is successful.

Shifter low battery warning

When the battery is low, the indicator light on the shifter will turn red. Please use the charging cable with 5V 1A Type-C to charge the shifter.


  • Structure: steel structure
  • Packing size: length 110cm*width 24cm, height 84cm
  • Product net weight: 37.5kg
  • Resistance type: electromagnetic damping
  • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Simulated slope range: -15% downhill to +20% uphill
  • Maximum slope: +20% uphill
  • Maximum resistance power: about 2000 watts
  • Hand shifter: wireless electronic hand shifter
  • Rheostatic mode: professional mode, normal mode
  • Number of professional speeds: 24 gears (virtual 24-speed gear ratio)
  • Manual variable battery life: about 100 hours
  • Slope control: automatic following software/manual stepless control
  • Cadence support: Yes
  • Power error: about ±2%
  • FITTING suitable height: about 150-200cm
  • FITTING logo: Bend handlebar, reach and stack at seat cushion
  • Crank Q value: 150mm
  • Crank length: 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, 175mm optional
  • Noise level: 62 decibels (@1.0m&30KPH)
  • Input power: 100-240v
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